CHAMPAGNE SUPERNOVA GT – Baltic Sea Circle Winter 22

6 weeks to go and we are still not sure what to do. The plan is to drive the Baltic Sea Circle Winter Edition in February 22. Due to all the Covid restrictions – we are ging to cross a couple of countries – we are clueless. How is the test infrastructure in remote places? Will we get the results in time before crossing a boarder? Very likely, all of the rallye teams will test almost at the same time, which means waiting times, late starts to get the xyz km driven during the day. What if there will be a lock down and hotels are closing? What if we get infected (even though I have no idea where this could happen…) and have to quarantine in whatever country? What if we really get sick? I usually don’t think about all these what ifs…

I’m so sick of pushing out another trip for another year… Should we take the risk or not?

Some context:

In February 2022, Team Champagne Supernova GT (Katrin Gaube und Anita Terwey) are going to drive approximately 7500km around the Baltic Sea (Hamburg – Northcape – Baltikum – Hamburg) with our 18 year old VW Touareg (who actually did this rallye already twice as Team Champagne Supernova). We’re doing this not only to see northern lights, but we want to raise money for our charity organization GlobalH2o Germany, who provides clean water for rural areas in Uganda to enable people in rural areas, especially girls, to have a chance for education and personal development. Please support our cause!All donations can be made via betterplace and directly wired to the charity organization “Global H2O”. More information can be found here: and (German only). This video documents us personally attending the drilling of 2 wells in Uganda in 2019.

You can donate here